Are you always wanting to create a deeper relationship with your dog?

You got a dog to have an amazing relationship with a magical being.

BUT…something is missing between you and your dog.

Your interactions don’t seem special and meaningful.

You have moments or days where your dog feels more like just another being to take care of.

Maybe your dog has some unwanted behaviors you’d like to work on.

Maybe you have a senior dog where their behavior and/or level of comfort has changed.


You keep doing the same things.

Your dog keeps doing the same things.

You keep getting frustrated.

You realized you don’t know how to strengthen your connection with them.

Let’s help you to change your connection with your dog, bring out the magic in them, and change your life too!!

  • I’m going to help you change your mindset to know that you can change and your dog can change and you can better cope with moments of frustration.
  • I am going to help you more consciously and mindfully interact with your dog and handle your dog which impacts their behavior and their connection with you. We are also going to work on how to advocate for your dog to help ensure all interactions and socialization with other people and dogs is what is best for your dog.
  • This is for you if you truly want to open your mind and heart to your dog and know there is something out there missing in your relationship with their dog.
  • This is for you if you have tried the conventional training methods out there, but don’t feel like deep changes you’ve wanted to see and feel have happened.
  • This is for you if you want to strengthen your relationship with your dog.
  • This is for you if you have an older dog that you want other ways to connect to them with and use as a way to make them more comfortable.

This is for the people that truly want to make a change and are ready to do the work!!

I've used all of these techniques on my own personal dogs and dogs I've worked with. One of my dogs, Ginger, is a ten year old deaf Beagle that was dumped, needed medical care, and ended up at an outdoor shelter. Ginger was lucky. An amazing rescue group got her out of the shelter, got her the medical care she needed, and was the next dog we adopted after our last senior beagle passed. With Ginger being an older dog, being deaf, and not fully house trained, these techniques gave me what I needed to connect with her and work with her.

This is a 6 week course for just $67!! We start Tuesday, September 26!! Oh boy….I am so EXCITED for this!! This is going to be PROFOUND!!

BONUS:  For the first 10 people I will do a one on one 30 minute session to specifically talk about anything you want to focus on with you and your dog.

This is truly the work that has changed my life and how I feel about every dog and how that fuels me everyday and gets me through the more difficult times.

And you won’t be the same person after this course.

You need this!!

If you buy this course now, you will get to be part of the Facebook Group for this course where you can ask questions, and I will answer all questions that come in during the period of the six weeks the course is running. And $20 will be donated for each purchase to reputable dog rescues and shelters I have personally adopted from and/or interacted with so you can also feel amazing knowing that you are giving back with your purchase.

Look. Since $20 of every purchase is going to be donated to selected dog rescues and shelters, this is a non-refundable course. You will have lifetime access to this course, so no matter what your schedule is, you will still always be able to access the course anytime you want.

I LOVE Dogs. I mean, I REALLY LOVE dogs. To be honest, I am TRULY in love with them and feel so much compassion and respect for them. They are different than us, but they aren’t any less worthy of having the best life they can have in terms of their mental life.

And I feel like I have such a strong, unbreakable connection with my dogs.
And I want to help you do the same.

This is going to transform you.
This is going to transform your dog and any dog you do the work with.

Yes, I want to deepen my connection with my dog!!

Seriously…I know how it is to feel like you want a different kind of relationship with your dog. But I also now know how it feels to be able to have the kind of feeling about your dog that makes you feel like nothing else in this world. And you can have this feeling too.

Yes, I want to deepen my connection with my dog!!